Things Unseen by Pamela Power – a review


Since reading “Ms.Conception” by Pamela Power, I’ve been hassling her via Twitter, via her husband, via any means at my disposal to write another novel. The debut novel was that good. And second, “Things Unseen” has been worth the wait. It’s been worth twice the wait. It’s that good.

I read. I read a lot. Usually crime thrillers and series of crime thrillers, but generally anything that takes my fancy. Historical non-fiction included, but you generally have an idea of how those end. Spoiler alert – the allies win World War II.

Often times it takes authours some time to build characters – in “Things Unseen” you are plunged into a story with people you already know, places you can visualise and situations that ring true. Pamela has used wonderful skill in building tension, developing sub-plots and hiding gems of humour  in the narrative. I found myself going back and re-reading some of these because in my excitement to “find out what happens next” I’d glossed over a diamond of wit.

“Things Unseen” is fast paced and left me breathless, and had me requesting a sequel.I hope there is a sequel. I know the characters now and I like them.I believe them and I know the places they live.

If you are searching for Christmas, birthday or any other presents, buy “Things Unseen”. Buy many, many copies and there’s your shopping done. On a scale of 1 to 10? This is a 10.

Read it.


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